Terms and Conditions


We aim to keep our products in good condition. When they are returned, we inspect them and make any necessary repairs. While we have done our best to accurately capture them in our photos, we recommend personal viewings if something precise is needed for a shoot.



All rentals are billed for a 7-day period.



Tip Top can arrange for a delivery via Fleet, or you can organize your own delivery method. All rentals are wrapped for delivery. Furniture blankets must be returned, or a $30 charge is applied per blanket. Upon return, please make sure that rental items are wrapped as they came.


PAYMENT We accept all credit cards and Bitcoin.  If you are issued a discount, you will receive a code to enter upon checkout.


REFUNDS Refunds are not permitted for completed orders, or rentals that have already left the warehouse. Occasionally, items can undergo damage that cannot be fixed in time for your rental. In this event, you will be notified immediately with information and photographs.  


DEPOSIT We do not take a deposit for your rental, but you are responsible for any damages incurred. Depending on the damage, a cleaning, repair, or replacement may be charged.


LONG TERM You can arrange for a rental of up to six weeks on our site. Any period longer than six weeks can be arranged by contacting us directly.


PURCHASES Find items for purchase on our Sale page. Check back often, as we are constantly adding new items to our page. In certain cases, we may consider selling rental items.


BUDGET If you have a budget limitation, let us know and we will work with you to reach a solution. All requests must be submitted prior to placing order.


OTHER Alterations to paint or upholstery can be performed upon approval.